Project Title:  Multi-year IDIQ for Environmental, Navigation and Dredging Support

Client: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District

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OAS was a prime contractor to the Galveston District for environmental impacts, beneficial uses, habitat evaluations and other projects related to navigation, dredging, and environmental restorations.

Contaminated Sediments Management - The District enlisted OAS to provide independent technical reviews and consultation of the ongoing Greens Bayou DDT-contaminated Sediments Sampling, Characterization, and Delineation investigations. Results of this effort were the basis for development of alternatives for the ultimate disposition of the sediment impacted by the historical contamination sources to Greens Bayou.  OAS provided technical support and attended PRP technical working group meetings.

Innovative Dredging Technology Demonstrations OAS conducted four innovative dredging technology demonstration projects; two innovative dredging technologies were successfully demonstrated to be time and cost effective in removing shoals that impact navigation.  The Weeks Marine “Water Injection Dredge” was demonstrated in the Bayport Channel Flare and the Houston Ship Channel. The SILT “Wing Excavator” was demonstrated in both the Bayport Channel Flare and Green’s Bayou.  OAS served as prime contractor; developing the parameters for the demonstration projects; assisting the District in obtaining a water quality certification exemption from the State of Texas for the projects; providing on-site supervision, review, and assessment of operations; monitored turbidity and suspended solids in the water column through sampling and analysis to assess potential water quality impacts, and preparation of technical reports.  OAS helped coordinate on-site monitoring conducted by the ERDC personnel to assess the formation and movement of fluidized sediment by the innovative dredging technologies.  OAS personnel participated in the writing and presentation of technical papers on the projects and in identifying potential applications for the technologies and developing operational parameters.

Feasibility Study Technical and Policy Assistance - OAS provided independent technical review of four on-going navigation projects for the Galveston District: the GIWW - Matagorda, GIWW - High Island to Brazos River, Corpus Christi channel deepening, and Beaumont channel deepening to insure successful execution of the quality control process for the products developed during the feasibility phase. OAS attended various meetings with the District staff and Interagency Study Team and guides the discussions through plan formulation and reviewing major assumptions, analyses, and calculations to avoid significant comments later that could adversely affect project schedules and costs.   OAS provided reviews throughout the process of: minutes, conference summaries, and the draft Feasibility Study. Written comments cite appropriate Corps of Engineers regulations for issues that are not in compliance with established Corps policies and regulations and identify any other potential errors, omissions, or issues of a technical or policy nature.

Shoreline Erosion Study - OAS provided independent technical review of the Sabine Pass to Galveston Bay Erosion Control Study to insure successful execution of the quality control process for the products developed during the feasibility phase. OAS attended and supported project delivery team meetings, and conducted review of various project reports.

Regulatory Requirements - OAS coordinated the Interagency Coordinating Team (ICT) during the first year of the Sabine- Neches Deepening and Widening Study, which involved: NEPA, Water Resource Development Act and numerous Corps dredging policies.  ICT Members included: Galveston District, US Fish & Wildlife, USDA-NRCS, National Marine Fisheries, State of Louisiana (Wildlife & Fisheries, Natural Resources, Environmental Quality), State of Texas (Water Resources Board, Environmental Quality, Parks & Wildlife, Texas General Law Office) and Port of Beaumont.

Public Relations and Related Technical Services - OAS provided public relations and related technical services to the District and local sponsors for three projects including the Clear Creek Texas Flood Damage Analysis General Reevaluation Report, the Sims Bayou Recreation Study Limited Re-evaluation Report, and the Greens Bayou Flood Damage Reduction General Reevaluation Report.