Project Title: Guidance Manual for Marsh Restoration on the Gulf Coast using Dredged Sediments

Client: Natural Resource Conservation Service, National Water Management Center, AR

Text Box:   Marsh Restoration in Louisiana
OAS prepared a comprehensive guidance document for restoration of marshes while beneficially using dredged sediments.  The handbook provides planning, design, construction, and monitoring approaches to facilitate the use of dredged sediments in National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) marsh restoration projects.  This document integrates the available information and past experience to provide streamlined guidance for successful marsh restorations using dredged sediments.  Management techniques are presented for a range of physical sediment properties and the expected delivery methods of dredged sediments along the U.S. Gulf Coast. This is the first such document to present the many factors in planning, designing and conducting restorations using dredged material. It focuses on the differences in construction using dredged sediments rather than conventional soils.




The document covers such topics as:

  • -Dredged Sediment Sources
  • -Dredged Sediment Characteristics
  • -Sediment Delivery Methods
  • -Construction Considerations
  • -Sediment Consolidation
  • -Unconfined Placement
  • -Sediment Retention Methods
  • -Re-vegetation
  • -Natural Invasion versus Artificial Propagation
  • -Water Quality Control Methods
  • -Long Term Monitoring and Management
  • -Permit & Monitoring Requirement