Project Title:  Multi-year Task Order Contracts for Navigation and Dredging Support

Client: Maryland Environmental Services / Maryland Port Administration


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OAS performs under various multi-year task order contracts with various prime contractors supporting the Maryland Environmental Services (MES) on Maryland Port Administration (MPA) projects. The Port of Baltimore is the project site for these environmental projects. The following are projects in which OAS had a primary role, conducted to date or ongoing.

Plan of Action to Control Low pH Conditions at Hart-Miller Island - OAS provides consulting services in the form of evaluation and management of pH issues at dredged material disposal sites. Sites where contaminated marine sediments were disposed have the potential over time to release metals and other contaminants back into the environment if acid generation and resulting low pH is not controlled. Dredged material disposal sites can be likened to design and construction of landfill cells in an aquatic environment. OAS work items include: identify and assess the potential site conditions, dredging and disposal operations, potential contaminant pathways that may contribute to acid forming conditions; identify and assess suitable solutions for management or control of acid-forming conditions; identify potential pilot tests to aid in the design of site management and operational procedures; and propose an implementation timetable and cost. These were accomplished through meetings; refinement of project objectives; site visits; review of site design plans and specs, management plans, & monitoring plans; and preparation of a Plan of Action for both long and short term issues surrounding the formation and control of acid-producing conditions at Hart-Miller Island Dredged Material Containment Facility (HMI). OAS evaluated cover material available from currently forecasted dredging projects. OAS evaluated chemical and physical characteristics of forecasted projects to determine the sequencing of material entering the North Cell to optimize capacity and meet capping cover requirements to support an upland nesting bird habitat. Services included facilitation and support at the HMI North Cell Closure Team and Working Group meetings, review and comment on potential closure options, costs and designs, and presentations to the HMI Citizens Oversight Committee. Development of North Cell Closure Options Matrix and Costs. In addition, OAS provided technical and planning support to the Pre-Engineering Feasibility Study.  These services have included: continued studies on three closure options, development and comparisons of the three closure options for cost, timeframe/schedule, capacity, and benefits (environmental, wildlife, passive recreation), and presentations to the HMI Citizens Oversight Committee.

Development of Long and Short-Term pH plans for Various Dredged Material Containment Facilities - OAS provided independent technical review of mitigation strategies for pH and dissolved metal issues at HMI, Cox Creek DMCF, Poplar Island Environmental Restoration Project, and Masonville DMCF.  The review services included condition reports describing historical data and operations at each site which may lead to the formation of acidic soil conditions; emergency response protocols for HMI and Cox Creek to respond to high pH issues that impact the ability to release water from the facilities; and conceptual alternatives analyses evaluating treatment and management alternatives to mitigate acidic and associated high metal water discharges.

Masonville Dredged Material Containment Facility - Services include providing technical and construction management support to MPA on the construction of the Masonville DMCF; developing of information and costs on construction materials; and, providing construction management services.

Poplar Island Metals Investigation - OAS provides technical support in assessing the cause and developing mitigation measures for metals mobilization at the Ecosystem Restoration Project at Poplar Island.  Services include review of the results of chemical equilibrium modeling and data analysis on water discharged from the facility; development of laboratory scale testing to evaluate treatment scenarios; identification of treatment and operations alternatives having the potential to reduce metals mobilization; development of a pilot test study plan; and assisting in the preparation of a project report detailing the results of the study.

Air Emission Inventory and Data Base Development - OAS provided support in conducting land-side air emission inventory as part of comprehensive program to develop the Environmental Management System for the Port of Baltimore. Work included a detailed analysis of land-side operations, activities, and fuel consumption.  Emission factors were developed utilizing US EPA and Maryland Department of Environment data. OAS designed and built a database to allow the easy development of the emissions inventory for historical, existing and future land-side air emissions. Finally emission reduction strategies were developed for potential future use.

Adaptive Management Plan Mid-Bay Islands in Chesapeake Bay - OAS was a subcontractor to Arcadis-BBL for development of an Adaptive Management Framework and Plan for the Mid-Bay Islands in the Chesapeake Bay for the Maryland Environmental Services. The work included an extensive literature search of documents related to habitat establishment in the Mid-Bay region with emphasis on sub tidal substrates, intertidal flats and wetlands, beaches and maritime uplands. The framework was then built by developing success criteria and measurable metrics of success.