Project Title:  Sydney Tar Ponds Remediation, Nova Scotia

        Client: Environment Canada & Nova Scotia Environment




        Text Box:  OAS served as a technical consultant for Environment Canada for the review of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) of the Sydney Tar Ponds Remediation Project in Nova Scotia, site of a former steel mill and coal tar disposal operation.  The remediation of the site is being conducted under a Superfund-type project.  Services included critical review of the EIS with emphasis on those parts concerning management and treatment of contaminated sediments in and adjacent to Sydney Harbor, preparation of written comments for Environment Canada, provided consultation during public hearings held on EIS, and preparation of responses to comments generated during the public hearings. 

        OAS now serves as a technical consultant for Nova Scotia Environment (NSE) on review of plans, designs, and construction of various remediation activities at the site. 






        Remediation activities include:

              • -Installation of slurry cutoff walls
              • -Construction and operation of a groundwater treatment system
              • -Insitu treatment and closure of a former cooling pond containing coal tar related contaminated sediment
              • -Removal & treatment of approx. 30,000 tons of coal tar contaminated residue from the site of a former coal tar disposal pond; treatment included solidification of the residue & placement in a mono cell
              • -Capping of large areas of the former site to minimize infiltration
              • -Excavation and lining of various brooks and creeks to minimize contaminant migration
              • -Insitu solidification of 650,000 cubic meters of sediment contaminated with heavy metals, PAH’s, and low concentrations of PCB’s followed by construction of a low permeability
              • -cap to minimize infiltration and contaminant migration
              • -Long term groundwater and surface water monitoring
              • -Sediment Characterization
              • -Remediation Design Review
              • -Permit Conditions
              • -Contaminated Sediment Treatment
              • -Criteria Development
              • -Public Meetings


        OAS provides the following services as technical consultant for NSE:

        -Technical review and comments for the regulatory agency on Design Engineer prepared bench scale test plans, pilot scale test plans, and full scale designs.
        -Technical input on performance criteria development, and permit conditions for contaminated sediment treatment and long-term management.
        -Site inspection and written recommendations to NSE on construction activities.
        -Support on development of approval conditions for cleanup activities and coordination with the PRP’s Design Engineer.
        -Technical input to coordination meetings between NSE, the Design Engineer, and the project sponsors.
        -Technical support in meetings with the public to discuss the technical aspects of the cleanup project.