Project Title:  Natural Resources Impact Assessment

Client: Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs & Passamoquoddy & Penobscot Tribes

Text Box:OAS won this competitive contract and conducted a fast track project for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Eastern Region Office to assess water elevation fluctuation impacts to natural resources on the West Grand Lake Project in Maine.  OAS provided the BIA with a report on the impact of water level and timing of water level fluctuation on loons, muskrats, and wetlands on the West Grand Lake Project area for a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) re-licensing activity.  OAS determined the impact of lake level fluctuations on wetlands, loons and muskrats on Federal trust lands of the Passamaquoddy Indian Tribe and the Penobscot Indian Nation in eastern Maine.   Specific emphasis was placed on the impacts to the culturally significant plants (medicinal plants, black ash, etc.) and the general size, health, and extent of wetlands; determine the extent and magnitude of shoreline erosion on trust lands located within the project boundary of the WGLP; and determine the presence of non-native invasive plant species on trust lands located within the project boundary and to determine the impacts of dam water level management on the productivity of loon and muskrat populations. Loon and muskrat populations were inventoried and observed over the available study period.  OAS coordinated the field activities and the preparation of the reports and compiled coordinated recommendations for promoting the productivity of three variant natural resources. The project was completed within the 9 month period requested by the BIA.



OAS Produced Five (5) Reports: