Project Title:  Environmental Support to Tribes

Clients: Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs & Various Tribes

Text Box:OA Systems Corporation has completed numerous projects for the Bureau of Indian Affairs at reservations in the Southwestern United States.

Solid Waste Management Planning

OAS conducted separate workshops at the Pueblos of Acoma and Laguna over a several month period to facilitate development of Solid Waste Management Plans customized to the specific needs and wishes of each Pueblo.  OAS assisted individual tribal members, officials and environmental representatives in the development of individualized solid waste management plans which included waste characterization, waste minimization, recycling, cost analysis and design of facilities most appropriate to the requirements of each Pueblo.



Underground Storage Tank Removal, Site Assessment and Groundwater Monitoring, Spill Response

Underground Storage Tank Removals – OAS conducted the removal of underground storage tanks from eight separate locations on the Pueblo of Laguna.  The tanks and piping system, and contaminated soil, from these sites were disposed at an off-site location.  Environmental assessments were conducted at each site and the results of the assessments were presented as a comprehensive closure report document, to the Pueblo of Laguna Environmental Division.
OAS also conducted an assessment at the Pueblo of Laguna Tribal Garage facility.  During this assessment, OAS was tasked to determine the vertical extent of contamination in a waste disposal area.  The contaminated soil materials were then excavated and disposed at an off-site facility.

Paraje Store Assessment – Following the removal of the underground storage tanks at the Paraje Store site, OAS conducted an assessment of the lateral extent of groundwater contamination at the site.  A total of six groundwater monitoring wells were installed in this effort.  Upon completion of the well installation, a report documenting the groundwater gradient and the results of the analytical testing was submitted to the Pueblo of Laguna Environmental Department.

North American Van Lines Emergency Spill Response, Excavation and Disposal of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils, and Environmental Restoration OAS personnel conducted the removal and disposal of hydrocarbon contaminated soil on the Pueblo of Laguna, caused by a truck accident along NM Highway 6.  OAS used Pueblo of Laguna Tribal members to support the effort.  Upon completion of the excavation, the area was fertilized and reseeded.  OAS monitored the site to verify that the re-vegetation activities had been successful.

  1. -Conducted extensive historical data acquisition and developed software programs to identify all unplugged oil and gas wells on BIA Trust lands in Western Oklahoma.
  • -Performed initial geotechnical study for the BIA/Pueblo of Zuni Black Rock Dam.
  • -Removed USTs and conducted assessments at facilities on the Pueblo of Zuni and Mescalero Apache Reservation.
  • -Installed groundwater monitoring wells and conducted quarterly groundwater sampling program at the Mescalero Apache Reservation.
  • -OAS excavated, characterized, transported and disposed of over 800 cubic yards of contaminated soil from the BIA Santa Clara Pueblo Road Maintenance Facility.